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Wall Sculpture #21 by LIZ SIMMONS

Height: 16 Inches; Width: 15 Inches; Depth: 4 Inch


Liz Simmons is MANY things synonymous with the word genuine --An Artist unfeignedly, but more-over she embodies the unlikely and unique manifestation of the Myth-maker and the Scientist in unison...A full sensory Visionary ruled by a super-naturalist design, self-tasked with cataloging the Dream-Creatures by synthesis, arrangement & installation...fixing these improbable creations within make-shift exhibitions of Cryptozoological Realism. She exposes a World where circling vultures become muses, and decaying feathers transcend flight to merge with re-imagined dangerous beauty.

Her work speaks for the lost, 

over-looked, and alone...the forgotten and discarded...the neglected and unrecoverable mis-remembered past.

Liz Simmons' current exhibition is located in the winding stairwell of the Wherehouse Art Hotel.

Wall Sculpture #21 by LIZ SIMMONS

  • All artwork is priced for pick-up only.  Please, contact the hotel at wherehousearthotel@gmail.com for shipping inquiries.