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"My Grandparents Are Buried Next to Each Other"

Original pastel on paper, framed

12" X 12" 

Sean Robert McNamara is a digital painter based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He has stepped out of his digital realm to create a series of original pastel drawings specifically to showcase for the Wherehouse Art Hotel.  He draws inspiration from his memories of growing up in the Hudson Valley, observing the nuanced interactions between diverse cultures and aesthetics: the cosmopolitan stewarding the pastoral, the blue-collar living among the artifacts of colonial opulence, the myth of nature in a land that has been shaped by humans for millennia.

"My Grandparents Are Buried Next to Each Other" by SEAN MCNAMARA

  • We would love to ship this art to your door at an additional charge!  Please, send you inquiries to wherehousearthotel@gmail.com